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Glam is a Lightroom mobile preset to take your photos to the next level! It gives you glowing skin, brightens hair, teeth, and eyes. There are 9 Glam Preset Variations included in this bundle.



Glam Mobile Preset

  • Step 1: Download the free Lightroom app.

    Step 2: Click download on your confirmation page or from your email confirmation.

    Step 3: Export file and "Save to Files" on your phone.

    Step 4: Open your files and click on the ZIP file to unzip the file (if you do not have the files app download it from the Apple Store).

    Step 5: Open the file and select the first preset.

    Step 6: Export to open in the Lightroom app and click "Launch Lightroom Now" (you may have to scroll to see the Lightroom Icon). Repreat this step until you have added each preset variation.

    Step 7: Open the Lightroom App.  Click on each preset (DNG File) and click the three tiny dots in the top right corner. Then click create preset. Name the preset and click the checkmark in the right corner. Do this for all of the files.

    Step 9:  After you have copied all 9 photos, choose one of your own pictures and scroll on the bottom to the far right until you see the presets button. Click on User Preset and click on your saved presets! This will copy the preset to your photo.

    Step 10: Tag us and #roadandfordpresets to be featured on our page!

    Helpful Notes: Presets will always look different depending on the lighting and colors in your photo. The main edits you will want to adjust are the orange and yellow colors' saturation and luminance. If the picture is really dark you can try adjusting the exposure and shadows. (HINT: If you want your lips or the sky to stand out more try adjusting the red and blue tones.)

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